Highly scalable, reliable IT services

Amazon Web Services

  • Focus on running business of taking care of patients, not running an IT datacenter
  • Unlimited computing power
  • Unlimited internet bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Standardized IT installation and configurations
  • Easy to find AWS Certified resources to maintain the infrastructure
  • Automatic low cost backups with permanent archival capabilities
  • No need to buy new hardware or replace failed servers or replace servers when you run out of capacity. IndraCare Cloud services provide ever-expanding elastic capacity
  • No need to worry about server software license contracts or support agreements
  • No need expensive IT consultants or database administrators.
  • IndraCare is accessible from anywhere with Internet connectivity
  • Accessible via standard web browser or mobile devices
  • Connect multiple locations without expensive and hard to setup hardware VPNs
  • Setup HL7 data exchange without months of headaches